Counseling, Hypnotherapy & Between Lives Regression

Kathy Kwiatkowski, M.S. | Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Certified Hypnotherapist

My Mission

To provide an environment in which you have the opportunity to experience support on your life journey and to improve your experience of life. To assist and support you with:

  • being free of negative experiences in your life that have impacted your view of yourself and others

  • remembering your true value and worth

  • reconnecting with your true self

  • developing balance in your life

  • experiencing joy in your relationships

  • clarifying the meaning and purpose of your life

  • increasing your tolerance around the stressors and the emotional ebbs and flows of life

  • feeling less alone and/or isolated


My Philosophy and Approach to Healing

Together we will draw upon the power of compassionate presence, intuition, your unique strengths and resources, and well researched therapy techniques to promote and support your journey toward healing and/or growth.